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Our Story 01

Our Story

It is a long established story for Exam Fitness.

This Blog website is arranged by ER. SHISHIR KUMAR who is a Bachelor of Engineer with so many experience years in the technical and vocational field. Formally he has worked in indodenish tool room and training center the unit of government of India and worked as an engineer in government. tool room and training center the unit of Jharkhand government. He has an array of diplomas and global certifications for the computer and technology field. Global certification in Windows Server 2008.Linux Server, CCNA, Java(core java, advance java), Oracle 10g, C, C++, Diploma in chip level laptop troubleshooting and repairing, Diploma in microcontroller with pc interfacing, Advance diploma in chip level computer hardware and networking. PDCA from IDTRTC Jamshedpur.

Our Values 02

Our Values

What makes us stronger and become the most powerful.

Imagine a world where one could learn anything they wish to. A lot of potential of humans and society today, especially in a country like India, remains unfulfilled because people do not have access to the necessary knowledge and skills to create and achieve with their innate capabilities. This despite the same knowledge and skills being available with many other individuals who are more than willing to share the same with others.

Our Expansion 03

Our Expansion

Speading out in the near future

Through our blog website, we will give the opportunity to the teachers, volunteer, educated persons to shear their knowledge.we also give the opportunity to professional and entrepreneur share their skill knowledge with our students and learning people this would give high-quality education and knowledge on remote area students where the resource is limited.

Our Service Categories

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


Improved skills for building site to sell online courses successful, how to take that opportunity.


The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by your self.


Get knowledge about online business, trend analysis, customer approaches, products marketing.


Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of learners and instructors with bbPress forums system integrated in this course.

Exam Preparation

There are all types of compatative exam govt and others.All boards class L.K.G to a Higher Level. Professional courses example IT, Engineering,Medical etc.


Upload documents, presentations, images, and resources. Simply drag and drop content from your computer straight into the course.

“I've always struggled with my exams and had to rely on my teachers and the dean a lot. But after joining the test prep for 2 weeks, my scores were improved. I am totally happy with Exam Fitness and recommend it to all my partners."
"I was super busy with my filming shot and have no time for revision for my test. Then, I came to Exam Fitness. It helped me with many useful knowledge and skills. They worked every time with such an easy and happy tip during the exam."
"I was always looking for efficient test prep for my school as the schoolgirls always came to me asked for help in their marks and grade. Now I have the solution for them: Exam Fitness. It helped them a lot and now I can be happy with my students."